Finishing in paste, based on siloxane binders in aqueous dispersion, pigmentable and ready to use.

Thin‐bed mineral finishing in paste, with a silicon base, ready‐to‐use, for indoor and outdoor utilization, with manual and mechanical application. Silicon emulsion, organic bindings, mineral components, pigments, additives, water. Ecap® SC is water‐resistant, resistant to atmospheric agents, highly breathable to water vapour, washable and easily applicable. It is suitable for the protection and plastering of external façades and internal walls, for mineral plasters and old and new smoothing, reinforced concrete, on external thermal insulating system with boards utilization, on renovation plasters.


■ Grain sizes: 1,2 - 1,5 - 2,0 mm.

■ It is specific both for interventions on new or existing façades.

■ Decorative layer for reinforced smoothing mortar, as well as for wall insulation systems.

■ Thanks to its formulation, it allows a complete protection of the façade from rain and atmospheric agents.

■ Ideal as a finishing where a high degree of vapor permeability is required, such as dehumidifying cycles or breathable insulation systems.


■ Bucket 20 kg.

■ Pallet of 24 buckets.


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