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THERMAL - Thermal insulation, restoration and dehumidification

This is the first step of Edilteco towards the production of building materials, able to create living comfort.
Thermal insulation has already been a priority and a commitment already from the fair 80’s, when nobody was dealing with it yet.
Our Group has been precursor in the understanding of the meaning and importance of thermal insulation for building as material and system aimed at break the natural changing of temperatures between the indoor and outdoors environments. Forerunner, also in the understanding of all energetic, economical and environmental benefits resulting from thermal insulation.
This process brought the company to develop cutting-edge materials through research.
Today Edilteco is able to provide the vanguard of the sector in terms of lightweight vertical and horizontal insulation systems withouth forgetting fields such as the refurbishment and dehumidification of buildings, suffering from rising dampness.

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