Lightweight cement-based plaster for the fire protection from hydrocarbons

Avikote AV-650® is a portland cement-based, spray and/or trowel-applied plaster. Only the addiction of water at the job site is required for application. It can be applied in petrochemical, chemical, oil, refining and process gas sites and it has been tested for external use.


■ Tested in accordance with Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL-1709, ASTM E119 (UL-263) and BS 476 (Part 20). Tested to OTI 95 634 at Healt & Safety Laboratory UK for Jet-Fire. Investigated by UL for exterior use. Evaluated for protection under NPD and BS 476 (Part 20) Appendix D Hydrocarbons Fires. Additional Testing done at TNO Holland for the use on the ceilings of Transport Tunnels when exposed to RWS Fire Curve.

■ Avikote AV-650® as been tested for Bond Strength, Compressive Strength, Hardness, and other properties in accordance with API guidelines (Publication 2218) and ASTM test procedures.

■ Avikote AV-650® may be applied by a wide range of pumping equipments - Mono, Rotor Stator, Piston or Hydraulic. Also, Avikote AV-650® may be used with paddle mixers and some continuous mixers.

■ Avikote AV-650® can get to very high thicknesses. In different layers and it allows for greater applicator efficiency. This reduces time on the job site and the labor required for application compared to other products.


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