Superlight thermal insulating aggregates for dry blowing into cavity walls

Regranulated eps beads with MPS, specific for dry blowing into cavity walls and surrounding voids, controlled density and grain-size (Ø 3 - 6 mm), non-toxic, non-absorbent, rotproof, dust free, dimensionally stable over time, with no nutritional values for the growth of fungi and bacteria. The production is completely free of chlorofluorocarbons.

Also available in the version WALL FIX R (harden into cavity walls):
using a specific equipment, the thermal insulating aggregates Politerm® Wall R, are sprayed with the specific additive (yield approx. 2 kg/m3) into the partition wall. Thanks to this solution the insulating beads, after to be blown, avoid the coming out in case of future interventions on the walls (duct, perforation, etc.).


■ Bag of 500 L.

■ Do not store for long time under direct sunlight.


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