Superlight thermal insulating aggregates for dry blowing into cavity walls.

Using a specific equipment, the thermal insulating aggregates Politerm Wall are sprayed with the specific additive (yield approx. 2 kg/m3) into the partition wall. Thanks to this solution the insulating beads, after to be blown, avoid the coming out in case of future interventions on the walls (duct, perforation, etc.).


■ Thermal insulation, filling of cavity walls and close spaces.

■ Energy efficiency works on existing buildings, where any other type of thermal insulation work is possible. It can be realized also on single houses or flats.

■ To fill a volume of 1 m3, 2 bags of Politerm Wall are necessary.

■ Politerm Wall Fix: +2 kg/m3 of hardening additive.


■ Bag of 500 L (n° 2 bags = 1 m3 of finished mortar).


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