Premixed self-levelling smoothing mortar for thin-bed applications.

Premixed self-levelling mineral mortar in powder, ready to use, for manual and mechanical application.

■ Composition: homogeneous mixture of selected aggregates: pure quartz in grain size curve 0,1 - 0,6 mm (80% 0,3 mm), cement Portland 42.5 and special additives.
■ Consumption: About 1,7 kg/m2  for 1 mm of thickness.


■ Levelling of cement base screeds with high resistance: it generates a suitable surface for pvc floor coverings, carpeting, laminated wooden floorings, ceramic, epoxy and polyurethane resins.

■ Suitable the high-strength straightening / levelling of base screeds prepared with Politerm Blu and Isolcap, before the laying of ceramic tiles, porcelain and marbled stoneware, natural stones and wooden flooring.


■ Bag of 25 kg.

■ Pallet of 48 bags.


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