Plaster for the passive fire protection of structures

Lightweight premixed thermal insulating plaster based on virgin EPS beads, water bindings and special additives for mechanical application.

According to the European Regulation ENV 13381.


■ Available colour: grey and white.

■ Fireproofing protective system, specifically designed to improve the passive fire resistance of structural elements made of steel, brick, normal and pre-stressed reinforced concrete and on buildings for civil and industrial uses both internally or externally.

■ For indoor and outdoor use.

■ It does not contain fibres.


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Cinecittà Teatre

Rome, Italy

Fire protection

Maserati Development Building

Modena, Italy

Fire protection

Palazzo della Civiltà

Rome, Italy

Fire protection

Postal Mechanization Center - Italian Post

Catania, Italy

Fire protection

"Karol Wojtyla" International Airport

Bari, Italy

Fire protection

"Villa Santa Teresa" Medical Center

Palermo, Italy

Fire protection

Allianz Stadium

Turin, Italy

Fire protection

Mioveni Hospital

Mioveni, Romania

Fire protection

National Rental Car

Tocumen, Panama

Fire protection

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