Impact sound insulation layer to be realized directly on site, composed of premixed SBR rubber granules with controlled grain size and unique selected pre-batched binders, supplied in buckets, to be mixed with a liquid additive (Part “B”), for a mechanical or a manual application.


■ Resilient layer for the reduction of impact noises in systems made of floating screeds, particularly suitable in the realization of floating screeds at low thickness, also in case of installations without levelling layer.

■ Reduction of impact noises on stairs.

■ Soundproof layer to be applied in spaces between walls of double brick partition walls on clay-cement mix walls.

■ Realization of separating under-wall layers or covering of acoustic bridges, such as pillars and concrete beams.

■ Acoustic insulating treatment of inner courts for the passage of installations, individual discharge PVC pipes or similar.


■ Bucket of 13 kg: 8 kg SBR rubber (Part “A”) + 5 L liquid additive (Part “B”).


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