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ESB Srl – manufacturer of mould blocks, infill blocks and production plants for its realization – has recently acquired the historical company Rosacometta, located in Milan.

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EDILTECO has been nominated for the Innovation Award of the Mondial du Bâtiment, the Batimat exhibition (Paris, 4-8 November) contest rewarding the best innovative ideas of the building sector. The Jury, composed of the representatives of institutions, certification bodies, construction and company managers, after an attentive analysis, has selected the best innovative ideas of the main sectors of the construction industry, such as structure, building materials and equipment, smart home, indoor and outdoor design, environmental engineering, etc.

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EDILTECO is pleased to announce the obtaining of the international certification ETA (European Technical Assessment) for the product Protherm Light.

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After the success of the exhibition in Canada, EDILTECO Group continues its adventure in the new continent and participates for the first time to the World of Concrete, the biggest American fair of concrete and masonry.

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in the main world fairs

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For the first time EDILTECO Group will participate to The Buildings Show – Construct Canada, which will take place in Toronto, Ontario, from 28 to 30 November 2018 at the Toronto Convention Center.

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