06 11 2019


Protherm Light has obtained ETA certification!

EDILTECO is pleased to announce the obtaining of the international certification ETA (European Technical Assessment) for the product Protherm Light.

What Protherm light is? It is a lightweight plaster (300 kg/m3) composed of cement and eps, specific for the passive fire protection of structures. It is on the market from many years, but only in the last years the topic of fire protection has aroused a real interest among construction companies and technicians. The demand of fireproofing materials is increasing, both at national and international level. Protherm Light is the right solution for insulate, lighten and protect from fire any type of building: houses, industries, schools, hospitals, garages, underground parking and airports!

Tested up to 240 minutes, Protherm Light protects structural elements in steel, brick and reinforced concrete; the application can be mechanical, by spraying, with a traditional plastering machine (PFT, G4, G5 type), in one or more layers according to the thickness.

At first glance, it may look weird that an EPS-based product can protect from fire for so long, but it is absolutely possible!
During the exposure to fire, the heat transmission makes the eps beads sublimate without smoke emissions. The cement binder and the empty cells of the sublimated beads create a protective structure. The plaster changes its physical characteristics and becomes a highly fireproofing material.
Protherm Light is synonym of quality, lightness and safety: an excellence of the fireproof market!
Consult our technical documents or contact our Technical Department for further information!

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