10 04 2016


K2016, Düsseldorf, 19 -26 October 2016. Edilteco with its international vocation, true to its roots of Emilia and Modena, always employed into the field of environmental protection, both for the lower environmental impact and the reduced use of resources is involved into the economic saving for several years. An “ante litteram” vocation with a unique know how which is exported all over the world.

Born in 1981 and subjected to continuous updatings, the registered technology of Edilteco is emblem of an innovative research whose only essential tie is the respect for the environment and people’s comfort. Today the company of San Felice sul Panaro is leader into the production of lightweight thermal-insulating base screeds and screeds as well as into the fire and acoustic protection. Here is therefore its presence at K 2016 (Hall 13 Stand B73) with the value of the excellence at 360° degrees.
K Exhibition is held every three years in Duesseldorf. This is an event without comparisons into the plastics and rubber field from 19th  to 26th  October. An inimitable event proved by the numbers related to the year 2013: 3.215 exhibitors of 59 different nationalities and over 217.000 professional visitors coming from 108 countries. An important inheritance that doesn't certainly  frighten Mr Werner Dornscheidt, President of the administration’s Council of the fair corporation Messe Düsseldorf who sees in K he the point of departure toward a decisive choice for product solution and process that will indicate the road to follow in the next years. In fact, not only the range of offers is once more time inimitable but it is the enterprise culture to reveal itselfs ahead of the times. The same has to be said of Edilteco that from 35 years rides the wave of the innovation over the unknown confinements. It was the year 1981 when a small family enterprise of the province of Modena challenged prejudice and skepticism. Thanks to the awareness that an optimal thermal insulation could contribute in a better living comfort for anyone who lives in a building. ‘My father, that was already a veteran in the field of the construction, had a perception: why not to use a material based on virgin  expanded polystyrene beads? The idea was really revolutionary. But it was an hazard for those times". These are the words of Mr Paolo Stabellini, president of Edilteco Group, a privileged witness before, and protagonist of a run as thrilling as fatiguing then as it started on slope. "The outset of Edilteco, over the last decade, has proved an experiment on the basis of a very accurate research in the field both of the cement and of the polystyrene." These have been exciting and tiring years. The objective is clear: to promote a comfortable, sustainable building voted to the energetic-saving through original and forefront solutions. Here therefore that the company of San Felice sul Panaro develops a technology that did not exist at those times but was destined to the field of lightweight thermal-insulating base screeds and screeds and crossed the national borders in a short time. Thanks to a unique but at the same time simple and enjoyable know how, made immediately available, it woke up the interest of several industrial realities from all over the world. This know-how will be the main character of the K Exhibition from the 19 to 26 october in Düsseldorf. (Hall 13, Stand B 73). Also this year there will be over 3.000 exhibitors that will be present at K2016, companies coming from every country of the world and ready to propose unprecedented solutions in the field of plastic and rubber in each of the 19 tents of the fair district of the German city. A city that is extremely generous in terms of business opportunity as economical, political  and cultural point of reference for the whole Europe. Two are the moments that, additionally to the sharing of competences, experiences and the exchange of revolutionary ideas for a best future, promise to lift the draught of a unique kermesse: the Science Campus - forum that with the purpose to intensify the dialogue among "to do" and "to know". It compares the enterprise with high schools and universities - whose target is to confirm the conclusive role that the plastics plays in our daily paper, but also to underline its utility for the future of the human beings and the environment. A sustainable future that has always been a focus for Edilteco, international leader in the production of lightweight thermal insulating mortars and  in the field of acoustic insulation and fire protection. Today there are over than forty countries that entertain the productive partners of the Modena’s group. These are Companies that, convinced of the added value brought to outfit by an excellent and exclusive technical know-how have purchased the patented technology of Edilteco and today are able to develop on-site the products of their headquarter. Among these, Politerm Blu, superlight aggregate composed of polystyrene beads mixed with E.I.A patented additive (Edilteco Insulating Additive). A cutting edge solution perfect to manufacture lightweight insulating cement mixes able to satisfy the severe criteria of the protocols of environmental Leed compatibility and whose continuous updating had improved it - and continue to improve constantly - the excellent performances (for more information regarding the whole production of Edilteco we recommends to consult the site www.Edilteco.it).

How to reach K2016, Messe Düsseldorf GmbH, Messeplatz, Stockumer Kirchstraße 61, 40474 Dusseldorf. The fair padilions are at only 3 kilometers from airport. The alternative to the taxi is the bus 896 (service shuttle). Those who arrive by train can take the underground U78 – that can reach North or East entry - the U79 for the East entry as well as the buses 896 and 722 for the South entry of the fair. If the choice reverts on the auto the address of K2016 is D-40474 Düsseldorf, Am Staad. If you have already buy the ticket online for the access to K2016, it guarantees the possibility to freely travel in second class on local (trains included  except intercity).



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