02 02 2016


Bolzano, 28-31 January 2016. Edilteco has started the new year with an higher gear: Gum Gum Spray, a revolutionary product for acoustic insulation. Premiered at Klimahouse 2016, this new technology developed by the company located in San Felice sul Panaro, Modena, has obtained a surprising feedback attracting the attention of a high number of visitors from all over. The number of visitors has reached 37 thousands (465 exhibitors, with more than 70 companies on the waiting list).

leader in light thermal insulating mortar production, now available in more performing ways, and in acoustic insulation and fire protection; Edilteco has reaffirmed is leading role in Alto Adige. That is the same virtuous region that uses renewable energy to support his present and his project for a beautiful and healthy future. Nowadays Alto Adige is the better local example in terms of energetic and environmental innovation, an example to follow. Because of his savant use of alternatives sources, the most of the Alto Adige towns can satisfy his energy and thermal demand. It is no coincidence that Bolzano has been hosting for years this so important event that is always sold out. Here, “making culture” means build and restore respecting the environment and the human being. Klimahouse’s philosophy, supported by Edilteco too, is a champion in energetic restyling of ancient building; it proposes innovative solutions in advance on simple and fast application-time able to perfectly satisfy building demands.
Always present at Klimahouse, a constantly increasing exhibition centre of sustainability and the result of the collaborative effort between Fiera Bolzano, Anit and CasaClima, this year Edilteco has raised the bets and hit the nail on the head. The Emilia Romagna company has done his best, thanks to his conviction of the importance of the environmental respect during building and recovery processes, especially nowadays. The excitement aroused by Gum Gum Spray, an anti-impact noise layer made in recycled rubber to be sprayed, has exceeded the expectations. The product is made of SBR recycled rubber granules and, thanks to its innovative fast and homogeneous application, it avoids the formation of joints and guarantees continuity and higher performances than the past (the made in Modena solution boasts dynamic stiffness = 20 MN/m3). It is so flexible that it suits every type of structure and it appears ideal for the realization of ecological floating screeds with a reduced thickness. Gum Gum Spray, a product that will broad the horizons of the acoustic insulation, is the emblem of a know how powered by experience, competence, perseverance and genius that has aroused the interest of many business companies.
Edilteco’s stand, as a meeting point characterized by great offers and a particular attention to the customer, has also confirmed his international leadership in the thermal insulation competitive sector. During Klimahouse 2016, Edilteco has captured the public attention by presenting its more and more innovative, fast and simple products. As in the case of Isolteco Light 110, a premixed superlight mortar with a high thermal insulating power, based on hydraulic binders, virgin expanded polystyrene precoated beads and special additives, which weighs only 130 km/m3 when applied. As a result of a forward-looking research, Isolteco Light 110 is a stable and rot proof product that guarantees constant technical performances. Isolcap Light, the most important product of the registered under Itaca and Leed range Isolcap, is a revolutionary premixed and insulating mortar used to restore energy in buildings. Thanks to it significant thermal conductivity (λD= 0,043 W/mK) and the absolute lower specific weight, Edilteco has changed the rules in the realization of horizontal thermal insulations. The company located in San Felice sul Panaro, that is trying to face the higher demand of insufflation materials, has also imposed its Politerm Wall Fix, with λD = 0,043 W/mK too, in the market. It’s a non-toxic thermal insulating aggregate that doesn’t produce dust, specific for dry insufflation into cavity walls and that avoid its leakage in case of intervention on the walls. The specific equipment issued allows to directly pick up the material from bags without any decanting. The Politerm Wall thermal insulating aggregates are sprayed with a specific consolidator consisting of colourless water-based polymer dispersion. For further information please visit the Edilteco website



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