Synthetic latex for the improvement of the characteristics of cement mortars.

It is based on macromolecules in water solution.


■ Additive for the preparation of levelling mortar, suitable for the protection of low-thickness layers (1 - 2 mm) or to help the grip on the surface in “Piano Zero” system.

■ Additive for plasters for renovation of external and internal cement surfaces.

■ Additive for preparation of special mortars to increase adhesion and elasticity.

■ Additive for controlled drying of cement mortars and shrinkage control during the setting phase.

■ Adhesion bridge for casting recovery (“wet on wet”).


■ Bottle of 1 kg (box n° 10 bottles - pallet n° 40 boxes = 400 kg).

■ Tank of 5 kg (pallet n° 100 tanks = 500 kg).

■ Tank of 20 kg (pallet n° 27 tanks = 540 kg).

■ Tanks on pallet 1000 kg.


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