BSW‘s Regupol® Sound and Drain 22 is a quality-controlled impact sound insulation for outdoor application which achieves extremely good acoustic results with a range of different superstructures.

Regupol® Sound and Drain 22 is moisture-resistant, largely rot-proof and allows water to drain away quickly. A geotextile membrane on the top surface prevents dirt penetration, which enables the outstanding acoustic performance of 28 to 37 dB impact sound reduction to be maintained in the long term.

As Regupol® Sound and Drain 22 is very resilient, it also serves as a protective layer, helping to prevent damage to the roof sealing. The impact sound reduction provided by Regupol® Sound and Drain 22 was tested in realistic conditions in six practical terrace floor constructions. The compatibility of Regupol® Sound and Drain 22 with PVC-containing seals must be tested in each individual case. To achieve sufficient levels of floor structure stability, pressure resistant thermal insulation must be used. Before laying concrete flagstones on a bed of fine chippings, a flagstone surface should be laid first as a test-run to check its stability. This is because different mixtures of fine stone chippings can have different load bearing capacities.


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